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What I am passionate about?

Serving in the US Army National Guard taught me many things in life:

  • How important developing the right discipline is to succeed.

  • Working under pressure with Clarity of Mind.

  • How to work with different types of people from across the world.

As a Muscular Therapist for Ballroom Dancers on the World stage, I help them in more ways than just physically.  

To get them ready for competition, I also support them with their mindset.


My experience has shown that a combination of being strong physically and a focused mindset helps them perform at their Ultimate Best.

Ballroom dancing always has been a special part of my life, I compete in the Latin dancing categories, and I am very proud to represent the USA on the world stage.

With discipline, commitment, and a clear mindset, my dance partner and I became World Champions

I also experience on my own, how important it is to have a coach on your side when you want to accomplish your Ultimate Best.



US: +1-617-767-6852

EU: +49 176 80718960


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